Vertical Cinema @ Being 2
Thursday 19th July 2012, 5-8pm
Queens Arcade, (beneath the escalators off Queens St entrance) Cardiff.
An extraordinary and eclectic mix of local, national & international artists’ film & video. Featuring Edwin Rostron; Christopher P. McManus; Liam Rogers; Idrioema; Sean Vicary; Stephanie Wuertz; Holly Genevieve; Toby Tatum; Alberto Cabrera Bernal; Yoshi Sodeoka; Wrightoid; Barrie J Davies; Chris King & Sabrina Ratte.

Activated Memory I (2011), Sabrina Ratte


Bodily Heavens I (2011), Stephanie Wuertz


Defracta & Snytaxea (2012), Idrioema


Exercise & Love Letter (2012), Christopher P. McManus


Filmic Sculpture No.3 & Against Cinema (2012), Alberto Cabrera Bernal


Sea of Glass & Re-Tolled (2008 & 2010), Sean Vicary


She (2012), Holly Genevieve


Sibyl & Violet_revised (2011), Yoshi Sodeoka


Spanish Trilogy Pt.2 (2012), Wrightoid


The Void (2003), Toby Tatum


This is Not a Test (2012), Liam Rogers


Watching Mysteries with my Mother (2012), Edwin Rostron