Vertical Cinema #7, Mon 27th June 2011


Tautologies: Variations (2011), Lee Rose

‘…in essence a reflexive/ontological research investigation (rhetorically) by/of found digital video material into the process and pre-expression of creative thought, and (via) the relationship between sound and image in composition.’


Luscher Project Mark 2 (2011), Phil Lambert

‘The video has been created using colours from the Luscher test, a psychological test that uses colours to determine details of peoples inner pysche, and combining this with a cross modal understanding of colour perception based on Synaesthetia. A survey was made to find the tone people associated with their favourite and least favourite colours from the Luscher test and these were combined to form both a solid tone and a sequence of notes that represent peoples interpretations of the colours from the short form of the Luscher test.’


Whispers Of A Ghost (2011), Steven Owen

‘Whispers of a Ghost is an Avant-Garde short that illustrates both the spiritual and the supernatural. My main focus was to experiment with how light can be used to portray different meanings and conventions within these themes. Initially this footage was primarily used for a music video for a band called ‘I Am Austin’ which was shot last year however I also wanted to use the footage to experiment with the use of digital manipulation to create a non narrative short that expresses the eerie yet peaceful goings on of both Space and the Spirit. It would be interesting to see how people view this video as I would like to see where the divide is from Science and Religion and whether this is one or the other or even a blend of the two. 

Dedicated to Nain Edern.’


Storm (2011), Rhys Davies

‘This piece seeks to explore the relationship between the telescopic and the wide lens (and ergo the scene of space between the camera and the surrounding environment).’


Order (2011), Ruth Scott

‘As a teenager I often remember arriving back from school at my Grandparents house on a Wednesday afternoon where the highlights or tail end of Prime minister’s Question Time was on the Television. What struck me most about the broadcast was a woman called Betty around my Grandmother’s age – who gave the appearance of being no soft touch.  Betty’s gravelly, often outspoken voice certainly seemed to keep the ministers in line. I was completely transfixed by her performance.’