Vertical Cinema #6, May 2011


Tweeter (2010/11), Nicolas William Hughes

Tweeter is a research project exploring through absurdity, the notion of anthropomorphic cultural transmission. I have developed a number of different projects that form a main body of work. Cultural transmission describes the way people or animals within a society or culture tend to learn and pass on new information. The key aspect of culture is that it is not passed on biologically from the parents to the off- spring, but rather learned through experience and participation. A large number of bird species engage in cultural learning; such learning is critical for the survival of some species.’


Teaparty (2011), Sarah Younan

‘In my videos and performances ceramic vessels become appendages and extensions of my body, converting it into a domestic object; like the teacup or pot, it is there to be filled or emptied, to have tea poured into or out of it.

The comically desperate attempts to find intimacy with domestic objects reflect the confusion and pressure of finding a balance.’


Film Still (2011), Liam O’Connor

“We will build probe-heads against faciality. In this practice both figuration and abstraction will be used (we will release the abstraction from within the figurative).” (Simon O’Sullivan- Art Encounters Deleuze and Guattari, 2006:p156)