Vertical Cinema #4, March 2011


GenderFlux (2010), Henrik Hedinge

‘People looking for their persona. Their personality. Looking for their body
of desire or being lost in their body. Hetero normal ways of living are
changing. Hormones changing bodies and personas voluntarily of forced by
pollution. Fast information flux in the era of internet making us dream and
feel many more things than before.

Before maybe you felt that you were a man or a woman or gay. In today’s
twitter flow of quick information, desires and conceptions change quicker
and quicker. No time to change your gender. Your gender has become a
constant flow of gender metamorfis. GenderFlux.’


Of Unknown Origin (2010), Edwin Rostron

‘Of Unknown Origin was inspired by the tape recordings of Raymond Cass, a hearing-aid specialist from Hull and one of the UK’s foremost researchers into ‘Electronic Voice Phenomenon’. EVP recordings present messages ‘of unknown origin’ heard in radio frequencies and background noise, and possess a distorted, unearthly quality. Many researchers into the EVP believe they are the voices of the dead.  Through a series of fragmentary scenes rendered in pencil and watercolour animation we enter into an unsettling territory somewhere between the real and the abstract. We hear the strange sounds of the EVP, and Cass himself talking about his work. But the film is not ‘about’ Cass, instead it takes the details of his life and work, and the recordings themselves, as a route to explore the hidden realms of the unconscious mind. The film mirrors the uncanny, inexplicable nature of the EVP, the mystery and poetry of the recordings, and challenges rational explanations.


Studies for Modern Beauty (2011), Jonathan Thomas

Some initial studies towards the found footage project Modern Beauty that explores still lifes in narrative cinema.


Beingness (2009), Anna Liang

‘An interpretation of the relationship between nature and human beings.  The inspiration for the piece comes from ancient Chinese philosopher Chuang-Tzu, who once wrote about a flying bird – “action without action”, “action through inaction”.’


Hidden Faces (2011), Sam Williams

‘A unique insight into people’s lives through the use of masks.’