Vertical Cinema #3, February 2011


Please Don’t Make Me (2010), Huw Andrews

‘Please Don’t Make Me… responds to things you do but don’t really know why.  Huw Andrews shares and ridicules a self-imposed ban on Top Gear; a television show he could sit in front of but didn’t know why.  The format, the filters, the bravado, the ‘witty’ xenophobia and the flowery shirts are used in every show, even watching a new episode is like watching a repeat.  In following one of the show’s few entertaining predictabilities – the challenge – Andrews produced Please Don’t Make Me… in less than a week.’


Untitled (2010), Holly Hughes


In you, everything sank (2009), Freeman & Fine

‘”In you, everything sank”, a title partially derived from a Pablo Neruda love poem, is based upon imagery from the poems of Dylan Thomas and T. S. Elliot. The loose narrative involves a man who loses his wife at sea, and the love that he felt for her is transferred to the sea that consumed her. In doing so, he begins a courtship in the form of written love letters, each demonstrated with open-ended, abstracted imagery. In the end, during the final montage sequence, the sea finally accepts him into its depths in a loving, if not deadly, reunion.’


Palms (2008), Douglas Graves

‘Palms: A Neighbourhood.  Pure Cinema.’


Tautologies (Variations./#) (2011), Lee Rose

A concrete material is input a generative randomiser set to specific protocols creating a pre-kolb compositional cycle of simple propositions and geometries.’