Vertical Cinema #2, November 2010


Morbid Therapy (2009), Obied Sentamu

‘A conversation with death.’


The Fourth Dimension (2010), Anna Liang

‘The Fourth Dimension aims to explore our transient relationship and eternal emotions with our built environment through different periods and discuss the ‘shape’ of memory through variational spaces and the fourth dimension itself – time.  By showing time-lapse space and projections, the moving images aim to remind us of our fundamental need and nostalgia to create refuges of memories, as well as our relationship with nature.’


Deleted Scene (2010), Jonathan Thomas

‘Deleted Scene manipulates fragments of found footage to explore tense and temporality, domestic tableaux, the effacement of the figure and the politics of focus.’


Tautologies (2010), Lee Rose

‘Variations ./a-d.  A work in progress.’

‘Variation (V./ #) – A concrete material is input a generative randomiser set to specific protocols creating a pre-kolb compositional cycle of simple propositions and geometries.’


Garden (2010), Wyn Mason

Garden is a meditative portrait of an aging husband and wife who take a stroll through the Botanical Gardens in Sydney, Australia.  The soundtrack features a poem by Paul Mason, which essentially functions as the male character’s inner dialogue.  The poet muses on the nature of lifelong relationships, the ups and the downs, and wonders how this particular couple have coped.  The film takes an experimental approach to the way it is shot, by combining still and moving images in a mesmerizing way that encourages audiences to scrutinize each image carefully, looking for signs of movement.  It is equally experimental in the way it gently opens a gap between sound and image – a playful and intriguing gap – that audiences are left to fill.’