Vertical Cinema #12, Mon 23rd January, 2012


Hotel Episode Un (2009), Benjamin Nuel

Terrorist and anti-terrorist – those archetypal figures of the current video war game – are both segregated in the bucolic and relaxing backdrop of a magnificent hotel. They are standing by, more or less idle.

This movie is the pilot episode of a series that extends the universe developed in the digital work “the hotel”


The Animal Riot (2010), Mandy McIntosh

Translation abridged by Mandy McIntosh
Animator Mandy McIntosh
Composer Zeena Parkins
Narrator Aidan Moffat
Editor Mandy McIntosh

With thanks to primatologist Marina Vancatova who allowed access to her archive of ape drawings which she has collected for over twenty years.

The text of the film is abridged from the original story The Animal Riot by Nikolay Ivanovich Kostomarov. Sometimes cited as an influence on Orwell’s Animal Farm, the story of the riot was written towards the end of the 18th century, before the Russian Revolution. It has remained relatively obscure.McIntosh’s film is a process of reactivation as well as an exploration of aesthetics, symbols and the marks animals make. Here, a world drawn by primates is inhabited by 3D puppets. The narrative of an animal uprising provokes an existential debate on the nature of liberty and the choices we face to either embrace or refute it.


Visions of the Invertebrate (2011), Edwin Rostron

Visions of the Invertebrate is a collaboration between artist and animator Edwin Rostron and musician William Goddard AKA Supreme Vagabond Craftsman. The film uses a hybrid process of hand-drawn animation, digitally coloured and assembled.


How Nicolas Bourriaud uses Facebook (2011), Anthony Antonellis

& Photoshop Skillz featuring Bikecore. 2011.

Photoshop Skillz is lowfi video artwork which showcases the artist’s skills using Photoshop’s basic tools and filters. The work demonstrates the visibility of the artist’s hand in new media.
The video features music from the 8-bit performer Bikecore.