Vertical Cinema is a monthly evening devoted to the screening of artists’ film and video, providing makers and lovers of the moving image with the opportunity to show and discuss work (old/new/work in progress) in an informal and intimate setting.

All styles and forms of artists’ film and video are welcome, from complete beginner to advanced practitioner.  Works made using an iphone or webcam are as welcome as those made with a conventional film/video camera.  Non-narrative work and work that experiments with and/or explores the medium(s) used are particularly welcome.

If you have any queries, or work you would like to show, please get in touch with us at

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“[T]he poetic construct arises from the fact, if you will, that it is a “vertical” investigation of a situation, in that it probes the ramifications of the moment, and is concerned with its qualities and its depth, so that you have poetry concerned, in a sense, not with what is occuring but with what it feels like or what it means.  […] [T]his may be a little bit clearer if you will contrast it to what I would call the “horizontal” attack of drama, which is concerned with the development, let’s say, within a very small situation from feeling to feeling […].  [Y]ou have the drama moving forward on a “horizontal” plane of development, of one circumstance – one action – leading to another…”

(Maya Deren, ‘Poetry and Film Symposium’, 1953)